Wellness Tea

$ 8.00

Planet Love: The Skin Tea

Bright, lovely and naturally sweet. Slightly fruity with a hint of spice. A lovely blend for glowing skin.

hibiscus, rose hips,  orange slices, calendula, chamomile, red clover blossoms, lemon grass, bilberry fruit, gingko leaf, alfalfa leaf, stevia leaf, sarsaparilla

Clean slate: detox tea

Rich and warm, this tea blend helps to clean the system and keep things moving.

red cover blossom, roasted dandelion root, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, sarsaparilla, rose hips, turkey rhubarb, anise pods, clove,  licorice root, oregon grape.

Mountain Lotus: energy boost antioxidant

Rich in antioxidants, this tea blend has a lot of flavor. Minty with a hint of cocoa. Great for balancing the system.

oolong tea leaves, peppermint, green tea leaves, stevia leaves, cocoa nibs,

Sweet Sunshine: Calming Chamomile Plus

Naturally sweet, this tea blend is healthy, healing and calming. Just add a little honey and it's the perfect cold remedy tea.

chamomile, calendula, chrysanthemum flowers, lemon balm, lemon peel ,orange peel, 

Warming up: cinnamon lemon peel- circulation tea

Can't get warm? This blend helps to get your circulation going in the most delicious way. take a hot bath or shower, cozy up and and drink some tea.

lemon balm, ginger root, ginko biloba, stevia leaf, chamomile, linden flowers, lemon peel, cinnamon, bilberry leaf.

Chill out: anti stress and sleep tea

Work! Work! Work! Life is stressful. This tea blend helps to take the edge off, lower cortisol and balance the mind.

lemon balm,  lavender, red clover blossoms, chamomile, schizandra berry, rhodiola,  passion flowers, st. johns wort.