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There are lots of people who don't want anything made by a corporation touching their skin. They want fresh, organic, natural products with all of the goodness of the garden. But let's face it: who has time to create their ownskincare these days? And certainly, very few of us have the ability to grow the bounty to begin with. But while traveling, you want to use fine products on your face and body, not necessarily the toiletries you find for free around the hotel sink. That's why I was glad to be hosted to experienceLunaseaBotanicals, an artisan shop on You order products and they're sent straight to your home!

The owner and crafter of the shop is not only a beauty salon owner -- which puts her in touch with what's on trend -- but also, she's a practicing herbalist.

One of the categories that was of special interest to me in regards to travel is that of facial masks. In your mind, you probably view masks as an extra, to be thinned from the 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag. In my view, it's anything but! I love having a mask -- provided it's compact -- when I travel. It's fun to have on when you put your feet up, or in a bath, or just watching some tv. It helps deep clean, when you might have been doing a less than thorough job at it.

LunaseaBotanicals' masks are available in 3-1-1 carry-on travel size. This is what they say about Carrot Tomato 10 Minute Gel Mask:

An exfoliating ten minute non hardening mask that hydrates, smooths, lightens and brightens with nourishing herbs and oils to keep skin soft and youthful looking.

It's invigorating, but not irritating. You can feel the fresh veggies working, as you apply it on your face. Carrot and tomatoes have vitamins that are good for skin that's not so good. 10 minutes is not a long time to get to gorgeous!